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  • FDA seeks feedback on pre-determined change control plans for AI/ML devices
    The FDA is responding to an ever-growing list of medical devices enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning with new recommendations for updating AI and ML software models with pre-determined change control plans (PCCPs). A key benefit of ML models is that they can learn to work better based on new information over time, but… […]
  • Researchers develop biodegradable artificial muscles for soft robotics
    Scientists across Germany, Austria and the U.S. say their biodegradable artificial muscles could improve the field of soft robotics. Researchers from Stuttgart, Germany; Linz Austria; and Boulder, Colorado, said artificial muscles could one day enable robots to function like living organisms. These muscles may create new possibilities for the way in which robots shape the… […]
  • Zimmer Biomet’s R&D team grows, manufacturing and total workforce shrinks after ZimVie spinoff
    Zimmer Biomet (NYSE:ZBH) has more R&D employees following the ZimVie spinoff but fewer total employees, including manufacturing employees and employees in the U.S. Warsaw, Indiana-based Zimmer Biomet spun its spine and dental business off as ZimVie (Nasdaq:ZIMV) in March 2022. Westminster, Colorado-based ZimVie said in its first-ever annual report this month that it has approximately… […]
  • This implantable fuel cell generates electricity from glucose
    A team of researchers developed an implantable fuel cell that uses excess glucose from tissue to generate electrical energy. By combining the fuel cell with artificial beta cells, the team produced insulin with the touch of a button. This effectively lowered blood glucose levels like the natural process in the pancreas. Given that current treatments… […]
  • Ulbrich launches all-in-one metals calculator and conversion app for manufacturers
    NEWS RELEASE: Ulbrich Launches All-in-One Metals Calculator and Conversion App for Manufacturers North Haven, Connecticut – Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, the global leader in precision metal products, has launched its second mobile app — a metals calculator and conversion app with essential tools for engineers, purchasers, and other manufacturing personnel. The app is… […]
  • 11 diabetes tech startups you need to know
    The diabetes technology space is one that’s always innovating. From continuous glucose monitoring to insulin pumps and the artificial pancreas, we’ve seen a lot. Companies are looking for all kinds of ways to make their mark in the world of diabetes. Newer offerings include digital health, software, coaching and more. For companies still in their… […]
  • How bringing on suppliers reduced Tivic Health’s manufacturing costs
    Tivic Health Systems (Nasdaq:TIVC) announced today that a new partnership allowed it to significantly cut manufacturing costs. The company completed the supplier qualification and first article inspection of Microart Services. Microart is one of two new partners the company announced at the end of last year. San Francisco-based Tivic said the qualification and inspection helped… […]
  • Nearshoring in Mexico: the risks, challenges and benefits for medtech developers
    Mexico nearshoring is one way medtech manufacturers are addressing supply chain challenges that surfaced in the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearshoring is similar to offshoring, where a device developer moves some operations out of its home country to cut costs or access new markets. Nearshoring is just offshoring closer to home. Jorge Gonzalez Henrichsen, co-CEO of Brownsville,… […]
  • How virtual reality can improve pediatric care
    VR can help children overcome needle fear and allow pediatricians to improve medical care. Dr. Evelyn Chan, SmileyScope  Needles are involved in the most common office procedures and needle fear is nearly universal in young children. Virtual reality (VR) technology might offer a solution. Studies show nearly two-thirds of children and one-fourth of adults have… […]
  • Opportunity awaits at DeviceTalks Boston
    Medtech faces many challenges, but every challenge presents an opportunity — and DeviceTalks Boston will focus on making the best of them. Leaders like to say every challenge presents an opportunity. It sounds uplifting and offers the benefits of being at least partially true, in life and in medtech. It’s fair to say the medical… […]
  • Ashley McEvoy joins J&J’s top-paid executives
    Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) has for the first time disclosed its pay package for EVP Ashley McEvoy, the worldwide chair of medical device subsidiary J&J Medtech. McEvoy’s $7.4 million in total compensation could make her the highest-paid woman in medtech. She’s not the highest-paid woman at J&J, however. J&J reported nearly $8.8 million in total… […]