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  • Johnson Matthey opens medical nitinol facility in Mexico
    Johnson Matthey today opened a brand new nitinol facility in Mexicali, Mexico for its Medical Device Components business. The facility has 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space for nitinol sheet and tubing, double the capacity of the company’s previous location in San Jose, California. The newly constructed plant in Mexicali is the world’s only low-cost-country… […]
  • 5 Black medtech startup founders to know
    Five startup founders are preparing their pitches for the gBETA Medtech Black Founders Accelerator’s virtual showcase next week. Their companies are the eighth cohort for the gBETA Medtech Accelerator, which focused on Black founders for its fall 2022 program. The five companies received $10,000 grants, plus coaching, mentorship and other support over the course of… […]
  • Understanding the design of electromagnetic navigation technology
    As electromagnetic navigation becomes the top choice for surgical navigation, sensor and design considerations are critical. David Bosch, Intricon Since its inception in the 1990s to widespread adoption by the late 2000s, electromagnetic navigation (EMN) has emerged as the clear choice for surgical navigation and has been widely adopted in the fields of interventional bronchoscopy,… […]
  • Mapping epileptic seizures with new brain activity models
    Johns Hopkins University researchers have developed new models for mapping epileptic seizures. The models could help surgeons identify the precise location in the brain where the seizures originate (called “epileptogenic zones”) to improve treatment — and decide whether an operation is worth the risk. “We want surgeries to go well, but we also want to… […]
  • Ekso Bionics buys Indego exoskeletons from Parker Hannifin
    The Indego exoskeleton deal includes all of Parker’s Human Motion and Control business and gives Ekso a new development partner. Ekso Bionics Holdings (Nasdaq:EKSO) has purchased the Indego exoskeleton line and the rest of Parker Hannifin’s Human Motion and Control (HMC) business unit. The $10 million deal includes the planned development of robotic-assisted orthotic and… […]
  • Synopsys updates Simpleware image processing software
    Synopsys has announced version U-2022.12 of its Simpleware image processing software, which is used in life science and advanced materials and manufacturing applications. The Mountain View, California-based company said the new version allows users to easily segment CMF CT scans using Simpleware AS Ortho/CMF, reduce the effort of placing connectors for preparing 3D prints, and… […]
  • The neuroscience of play: What medical device companies can learn from video games
    Device makers can accelerate the development of new skills and treatments for physicians by harnessing the power of video games. Sam Glassenberg, Level Ex Over the past three decades, a growing cohort of economists, psychologists, and designers have been successfully distilling the optimal neurochemical recipe for accelerating product adoption and driving skill development. They’ve been… […]
  • Philips seeks new superconducting materials for helium-free MRI scanners
    Royal Philips and superconducting magnetics researchers will seek ways to develop magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners without helium cooling through a new partnership agreement. Their findings could make MRI scanners smaller, lighter and less expensive to manufacture and operate, increasing patient accessibility. With the world’s limited amount of helium dwindling, suppliers are rationing while medical… […]
  • How Schurter helped Biotronik develop the Renamic Neo
    Biotronik won FDA approval for its Renamic Neo programmer for implanted cardiac rhythm management devices this year, thanks to some help from an electronic components supplier. The Lake Oswego, Oregon-based device developer designed the Renamic Neo for implantable cardioverter defibrillators, pacemakers and implantable cardiac monitors. The control unit wirelessly communicates with the implanted device and… […]
  • Millstone Medical Outsourcing acquires Ethide Labs
    Millstone Medical Outsourcing announced today that it completed its acquisition of regulatory testing services provider Ethide Labs. Fall River, Massachusetts-based Millstone completed its acquisition on Nov. 14, 2022. West Warwick, Rhode Island-based Ethide Labs brings more than 60 years of experience in regulatory testing services for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The certified laboratory… […]
  • Irish researchers think their new material could enable better spinal cord repair
    Researchers at the University of Limerick in Ireland shared research demonstrating progress in spinal cord tissue repair. The researchers, who conducted work at UL’s Bernal Institute, published their findings in Biomaterials Research. According to a news release, they developed new hybrid biomaterials. They turned to nanoparticles built on existing practices in tissue engineering. As a… […]