Podcast: Healthcare giants unite to turn Big Data into medtech savings

There’s a vast trove of potentially valuable data salted throughout the U.S. healthcare system, but as yet nobody’s figured out how to connect the data silos to leverage the power of "Big Data" in a significant way.

‘Healthcare is grossly under-engineered,’ says Johns Hopkins’ Pronovost (podcast)

Peter Pronovost of Johns Hopkins Medical

Healthcare providers are looking to medical devices to play a new role in hospital care, providing a whole-patient view of health through technologies that talk to each other and help clinicians make decisions about treatment.

Podcast: Conquering venous disease with Veniti founder and chief Sean Morris

Veniti founder, president & CEO Sean Morris is on the march, looking to take over venous disease treatment with a suit of specialized devices that he hopes will knock out their more generic forebears.

Veniti, formed in 2009, specializes in devices for the venous anatomy, an arena often covered in a larger medical device company’s vascular devices business.

Podcast: Rep. Owens on repealing the med-tech tax

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MassDevice.com Podcast: ConforMis CEO Philipp Lang

MassDevice.com Q&A: CoforMIS CEO Philipp Lang

Philipp Lang has ConforMIS looking to get a leg up on the knee replacement industry.

Last week, the Burlington, Mass.-based orthopedic implant maker said it raised $89 million in a Series E round from several investors, bringing the total nut raised by ConforMIS over the last 3 years to more than $140 million – a somewhat remarkable amount, given the fundraising climate over the past few years.

MassDevice Podcast: Soteira CEO Larry Jasinski

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Soteira CEO Larry Jasinski is no stranger to adversity.

MassDevice Podcast: Tackling paralysis with Alfred Mann Foundation CEO David Hankin

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David Hankin became CEO at health research institute The Alfred Mann Foundation in a rather roundabout way.

Medtronic CEO nixes spine spinout, BSX COO to step down, Podcast with Capsule Tech CEO | MassDevice.com +3

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MassDevice Podcast: Capsule Tech’s Stuart Long talks connectivity, innovation and momentum

Capsule podcast

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When Stuart Long accepted the keys to the corner office at Capsule Tech. North America earlier this month, he walked into a period of skyrocketing growth for the medical device connectivity company.