WPI lands $1.6 million in federal cash to develop neuroprosthetics

January 6, 2010 by MassDevice staff

The U.S. Congress allocated $1.6 million to Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Center for Neuroprosthetics and BioMEMS to integrate prosthetic limbs with the body and nervous system.

WPI logo

Worcester Polytechnic Institute is getting a $1.6 million shot in the arm thanks to the U.S. Congress, which allocated the money for WPI's program to develop advanced prosthetics that are integrated into the human body.

Part of the U.S. Defense Dept.'s 2010 budget will go toward developing technology to help the more than 1,200 soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen who've returned from Iraq and Afghanistan missing limbs. WPI's Center for Neuroprosthetics and BioMEMS has 30 researchers across a variety of disciplines dedicated to developing lifelike artificial limbs that are directly linked to the nervous system.

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