Voices of 2012: A look at some of our best interviews of the year

December 26, 2012 by Brian Johnson

MassDevice.com looks back at the voices, which made headlines in the medical device industry in 2012

"We play a critical role in managing and moving market share. I think the device sector has not necessarily acknowledged the role of the GPOs, but I think increasingly, as products mature in particular, GPOs play a vital role in helping to drive market share up on behalf of a supplier." -- Novation CEO Jody Hatcher

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"I never get up in the morning and look at stock price and say that it's a measure of success. There was a long time when the stock was at $3 and that was never a measure of failure, either. When I get up in the morning, the number 1 thing I care about is whether we are creating products that, in the hands of surgeons, are creating better value for patients. At Intuitive, we try to look at that with cold, hard facts." -- Novation CEO Jody Hatcher

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