Venture capital survey reveals expectations gap between CEOs, VCs | Wall Street Beat

July 23, 2013 by Brad Perriello

A survey of CEOs and venture capital players reveals the gap between what CEOs want from their backers and what VCs think CEOs want. Wall Street Beat

A survey of 158 CEOs and 216 venture capital firms revealed a large gap between the chief executives' wish list for potential backers and what VCs think the CEOs want.

Startup CEOs in the IT and life science industries want VCs who are "entrepreneur friendly" and "collaborative" without being too hands-on in their approach, according to a survey sponsored by the National Venture Capital Assn.

And proximity trumps reach when it comes to location, with CEOs preferring VC shops with a presence in their area to VCs with bureaus around the globe, according to the survey.

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Gender matters too, with the CEO respondents, with 25% saying the gender balance among VC firms' partners counts but only 10% of VCs citing gender balance as a factor.

"There is a gap between what CEOs are looking for in a VC firm and what VC firms believe CEOs want," according to the survey. "CEOs place great weight on what their peers and third parties say and think about your firm."

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