UPDATED: Medtronic denies involvement with on-demand orgasm implant

March 7, 2014 by Arezu Sarvestani

Medtech titan Medtronic says that it's not involved with research on an orgasm-inducing neurostimulation system, despite reports to the contrary.

Medtronic signs on to test orgasm device

Medical device industry giant Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) told MassDevice.com today that despite reports of the company's participation in upcoming studies, Medtronic is not involved with research on an implantable neurostimulator designed for treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Reports have circulated today that Medtronic has signed on to conduct research with physician and inventor Dr. T. Stuart Meloy, who holds a patent on technology that uses traditional nerve stimulation to target nerves in the spine and produce orgasms at the push of a remote-controlled button.

North Carolina surgeon Dr. Stuart Meloy developed the system after unintentionally triggering an intense response in a female patient undergoing surgery to implant a neurostimulator for an unrelated condition, he's said. The experience encouraged him to explore the potential for an orgasm-spurring system and he has been working on the technology for more nearly 15 years now, having landed a patent in 2001.

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Clinical trials are slated to begin later this year, according to New Scientist, which reported that Meloy expects to work with Medtronic. Another report from SeekingAlpha.com stated that "Medtronic has signed on to conduct tests." Numerous other reports have also tied Medtronic to future testing of the technology.

"Medtronic is not involved in any research regarding sexual dysfunction, and we have no device intended for this indication," Medtronic Neuromodulation spokesman Justin Ihle told MassDevice.com today.