Study: Presence of sales reps influences coronary stent selection, price

August 30, 2013 by Brian Johnson

The presence of a sales rep can increase the per-case price of stenting by as much as $230, according to a study in the American Heart Journal.


A sales rep's visit could be worth as much as $230 per case in surgeons' use of coronary stents, according to a study in the American Heart Journal. The presence of a company sales rep in the cath lab increased the likelihood that surgeons would opt for drug-eluting over bare-metal stents, researchers said.

The study, aimed at understanding the impact and influence of sales reps in PCI cases, examined the selection of stents in 1,145 patients over a 12-month period from 2008-2009.

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"The presence of a sales representative not only increased the company's market share, mainly in the more profitable DES market, but also shifted toward the use of a DES when the company's products were used," investigator Dr. Doron Sudarsky wrote in a recent issue of the American Heart Journal.

The study included 1,785 implantations in total of stents from 5 different medical device manufacturers, including 1,086 DES, 680 bare-metal stents, and 19 anti-CD34 antibody-coated stents, reported. The authors concluded that the presence of reps from companies that offered DES increased DES implantation in patients.