St. Jude reports progress in lawsuits against Volcano

February 27, 2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

St. Jude Medical pushes for action on a pair of lawsuits against Volcano over laser sales and fractional flow reserve patents.

legal gavel illustration

Long-time rivals St. Jude Medical (NYSE:STJ) and Volcano (NSDQ:VOLC) are looking to push forward on a pair of lawsuits involving trade secrets and patent infringement.

A Delaware court last month entered judgment on a jury verdict in St. Jude's favor, ruling that St. Jude did not infringe on Volcano's fractional flow reserve technology, according to a recent regulatory filing.

It may not be the last word on the lawsuit, which is going on 3 years, as both companies have filed for motions as a matter of law and St. Jude has filed for a new trial regarding its own infringement claims against Volcano.

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The firms in 2010 sued each other over the FFR technology, which measures arterial blood flow, with St. Jude accusing Volcano of violating its IP for the PressureWire FFR device and Volcano alleging the same for its PrimeWire FFR system.

St. Jude is also looking to move forward in another legal battle against Volcano. St. Jude filed a motion to lift a stay on a trade secrets case involving optical coherence tomography imaging technology.