Samsung puts more skin in medtech, nabs NeuroLogica in closed-doors deal

January 29, 2013 by MassDevice staff

Global electronics giant Samsung acquires imaging devices maker NeuroLogica in a stealthy deal that further expands Samsung's growing interest in the medtech space.

Samsung logo

Technology titan Samsung Electronics (LON:BC94) made new moves in the medical device space with the stealthy buyout of Danvers, Mass.-based imaging devices maker NeuroLogica.

The companies didn't provide many details on the closed-doors deal, but the acquisition fits into Samsung's larger vision to "explore new avenues of growth in the healthcare business."

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Samsung solidified its interest in the medical device space in May 2011 when it formed a new corporate identity for its medtech division through a collaboration with Korea-based Medison Co., forming Samsung Medison.

"We will dramatically increase our investment in research and development, and will do our best to promote human health and happiness by securing the best in scientific and human resources in the medical device industry," Samsung Medison CEO Sang-Won Bang had said in prepared remarks.