The medtech tax is bad for animal care, too, vets say | On Call

October 10, 2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Veterinarians say they are unintended victims of the 2.3% medical device tax, since many devices used on humans are also used in animal care.

MassDevice On Call

MASSDEVICE ON CALL — Veterinarian groups have joined up with medical device industry lobbyists in opposing the 2.3% medical device sales tax contained in the Affordable Care Act.

Designed to help fund healthcare reform, the tax unfairly affects veterinarians, who aren't getting any sort of perks from ACA in terms of new patients, according to the American Veterinary Medical Assn.

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Although the tax only applies to manufacturers, the association is concerned that it'll be passed on to customers in the form of price increases, according to the AVMA's website.

"We are not getting any more patients from the Affordable Care Act, and we should not be pulled into this," past AVMA president Dr. Douglas Aspros told the Washington Post. "This is an additional expense…and we do not need to bear this burden on top of an already stressed environment."