+7 | The top 7 med-tech stories for the week of February 6, 2012.

February 11, 2012 by MassDevice staff

Stryker suddenly loses its CEO, Boston Scientific plans acquisitions, CMS releases TAVI guidelines, AdvaMed reframes its med-tech tax repeal efforts, Smith & Nephew pays $22 million to settle a bribery beef, Soteira CEO Larry Jasinski details the company's troubles with the FDA and patient advocates Consumer Union demand more oversight from MDUFMA III.

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7. Consumer group demands more med-tech oversight from MDUFMA III

Consumer Union logo

Consumer Union demanded that a new user fee deal the medical device industry brokered with the FDA include more stringent oversight of med-tech makers. "We shouldn't be used as guinea pigs when it comes to something as serious as a medical implant," according to the organization's website. "Medical devices should not be ticking time bombs!"

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6. MassDevice Podcast: Soteira CEO Larry Jasinski

Gulfo podcast

Soteira CEO Larry Jasinski is no stranger to adversity. In the last 5 years the spinal fusion device maker has overcome criticism from the research community and mid-application surprises from the FDA, but its newest 510(k) win is a testament to its persistence.

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