Hacking: FDA is developing a 'cybersecurity laboratory'

August 6, 2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Federal regulators are putting together a "cybersecurity laboratory" to test new medical products for bugs or vulnerabilities before they hit the market.

Hacking: FDA developing a 'cybersecurity laboratory'

Medical device makers would do well to fortify their cybersecurity strategies in preparation for the extra layers of software testing and review in development at the FDA.

Federal healthcare regulators have solicited bids from security group Codenomicon Defensics to help build a "cybersecurity laboratory" where regulators can take a closer look at software bugs and weaknesses in medtech systems. Codenomicon's systems will subject devices to "fuzz testing," barraging the software in search of defects or vulnerabilities that could leave a system open to attack.

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"This is excellent news for the medical device industry," Codenomicon CEO David Chartier said in prepared remarks. "Cybersecurity for medical devices has been lacking in standardized testing procedures, and the FDA introducing fuzz testing capabilities is big step forward."