FDA postpones orthopedic devices panel on shortwave diathermy devices

April 5, 2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Scheduling conflicts delay the FDA's Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Devices Panel, during which the agency was planning to discuss a possible reclassification of shortwave diathermy devices.

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The FDA's Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Devices Panel postponed today's meeting over scheduling conflicts that meant key players couldn't attend.

The meeting was convened to discuss a possible reclassification of shortwave diathermy devices, which are used to therapeutically heat tissue with an electric current with applications in joint inflammation treatments and physiotherapy.

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The FDA is considering pushing shortwave diathermy devices to Class III status, to require premarket approval.

The federal watchdog agency hasn't announced a new meeting date, but said it will issue a notice in the Federal Register when a new appointment as been made.


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