FDA panel decision means Abiomed will need new PMA for Impella pump

December 7, 2012 by Ingrid Mezo

An FDA advisory panel's decision to maintain Class III status on certain cardiovascular assistance devices means Abiomed and other device makers must re-apply for FDA approval.

Abiomed's Impella heart pump

An FDA panel decision will require some cardiovascular pump makers to submit their already-approved medical devices for review under the FDA's more stringent premarket review pathway.

The federal watchdog agency's Circulatory Devices Advisory panel this week acknowledged that non-roller-type cardiopulmonary bypass blood pumps are life-supporting, but recommended against shifting them to a lower-risk category for temporary ventricular support. Panelists also suggested down-classification into Class II (special controls) for cardiopulmonary and circulatory bypass therapy.

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