Fake doc gets house arrest, must repay $590k in $19M Medicare fraud case

November 27, 2013 by Brad Perriello

Mario Roncal, who posed as a physician as part of a $19 million Medicare fraud scheme, draws 8 months of house arrest and must pony up the nearly $590,000 in restitution.

New Jersey cardiologist sentenced to 6.5 years, must repay $19M for Medicare fraud scheme

An accomplice in the largest Medicare fraud scheme in New Jersey history was sentenced yesterday to 8 months of house arrest and ordered to pony up nearly $590,000 in restitution, according to court documents.

Mario Roncal was a key part of the scheme designed by prominent New Jersey cardiologist Dr. Jose Katz, who was sentenced last week to 6½ years in prison and ordered to repay the $19 million in fraudulent reimbursements he reaped.

Katz was co-founder and CEO of a pair of cardiology and internal medicine businesses in New Jersey and New York, according to court documents.

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In April, Katz admitted to drumming up more business than he could personally handle via a more than $6 million Spanish-language advertising campaign, "which attracted hundreds of patients to the Katz companies every day," according to the documents. He used the influx of patients to order unnecessary blood tests and compression treatments for faked diagnoses of angina. Katz also created a no-show job for his wife that generated nearly $1.3 million in faked earnings.