Diabetes devices: Nipro and NeuroMetrix to work together on a retail blood test

June 17, 2011 by MassDevice staff

NeuroMetrix and Nipro collaborate to market the NC-stat retail diabetic peripheral neuropathy test.


Nipro Corp. (TYO:8086) and NeuroMetrix Inc. (NSDQ:NURO) announced a collaboration to market NeuroMetrix's NC-stat diagnostic nerve testing device.

The NC-stat test is a quantitative point-of-care test that evaluates systemic neuropathies like diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a common disease affecting more than half of diabetics which may lead to foot ulcers and limb amputation.

This may be the boost that Neurometrix needs as it continues to shore up its flagging stock price. The company asked shareholders to approve a reverse stock split to boost its share price in April.

The companies plan to launch during the annual conference of the American Diabetes Association late in June, according to the release.