Diabetes: Abbott takes FreeStyle glucose monitor off the U.S. market

August 31, 2011 by MassDevice staff

Abbott permanently discontinues its FreeStyle Navigator glucose monitoring system for U.S. consumers due to repeated supply disruptions.


Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) announced that it permanently discontinued its FreeStyle Navigator glucose monitor due to an inconsistent supply chain that has amounted to several disruptions in product availability for U.S. patients.

"We know FreeStyle Navigator System customers in the U.S. have lived with some uncertainty and frustration," the company wrote in its official statement. "We are grateful for the commitment patients and providers have devoted to the FreeStyle Navigator System over the years, and we are sorry that we have been unable to consistently meet their needs."

Abbott emphasized that there was nothing wrong with the devices themselves as far as safety or accuracy, but that they had been unable to keep up with patient needs for new system kits or warranty replacement components due to supply interruptions.

"The discontinuation of the FreeStyle Navigator System in the U.S. is not for safety reasons," Abbott wrote. "The System is safe and effective and continues to be available to patients in seven other markets outside the U.S."