Defibtech lands FDA clearance for defibrillator

January 17, 2013 by MassDevice staff

FDA clears Defibtech's Lifeline AUTO automatic external defibrillator, designed to automatically provide a shock when heart arrhythmia occurs.

Defibtech landed FDA clearance for its Lifeline AUTO automatic external defibrillator, designed to revive victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

The Lifeline AUTO has a step-by step audio intruction, describing how to apply the defibrillating pads to the victim and when to begin CPR, according to a press release.

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"The Lifeline AUTO AED does not require the rescuer to push a shock button," CEO Dr. Glenn Laub said in prepared remarks. "It is designed to give virtually anyone the ability to save a life with an AED. It is very simple and unintimidating to use."

Laub said the company's arrhythmia detection technology can coach people, who may be hesitant to provide assistance for victims.

The device features digital signal processing techniques and ECG analysis algorithms and includes biphasic shock waveform, adjusting the shock automatically to the patients, according to the release.