Bonesupport lands CE Mark for next-gen antibiotic bone graft substitute

February 19, 2013 by MassDevice staff

Swedish orthopedic company Bonesupport touts European regulatory approval for its next-generation Cerament|G resorbable, antibiotic bone substitute.

Bonesupport logo

Swedish orthopedic trauma products maker Bonesupport won CE Mark approval in the European Union for its next-generation Cerament|G injectable antibiotic-eluting bone substitute.

The Cerament|G product is an osteoconductive, ceramic substance designed to promote bone healing while preventing bone infection, or osteomyelitis The resorbable bone graft substitute is designed to remodel into healthy bone within 6-12 months while preventing colonization of microorganisms, especially in cases of deep bone infection.

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"The extraordinary antibiotic eluting properties of Cerament|G allow surgeons to manage challenging bone infection cases with confidence," Lund University Hospital orthopedic surgery professor Lars Lidgren said on behalf of the company. "Cerament|G is an important advancement in the management of osteomyelitis with great potential to enhance outcomes for patients, and improve the health economics of infection management by reducing the systemic antibiotic burden, with less surgical interventions per patient, and less risk of developing antibiotic resistance." 

The global osteomyelitis market is estimated at about $1.7 billion, and treatment sometimes takes months or years, including surgical debridement and management of the empty space left in bones, according to a press release.