Amulyte looks to crowdsource $2M for emergency alert device

September 27, 2013 by MassDevice staff

Medical device company Amulyte looks to raise $2 million via crowdfunding site for its long-range emergency alert device.

Amulyte looks to crowdsource $2M for emergency alert device

By Chris Walker

Amulyte, a Canada based startup, said it's opted to go the crowdfunding route in its aim to get an emergency alert device on the market by next year.

Amulyte is developing an emergency response system for senior citizens, aiming to lengthen the broadcast range for emergency medical alert devices, by using cellular systems, GPS, and Wi-Fi. Designed to work from virtually anywhere, the Amulyte sends a message to directly alert family members quickly, in case of an emergency.

The company is launching a crowdsourced campaign on, hoping to drum up $2 million to fund a market launch next year.

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The device, a pendant about ½ the size of a business card, is able to be tracked via an iPhone or iPad app. Currently, the Amulyte is being tested in a retirement home in Toronto, with plans to expand research to a retirement home in California, which has a higher senior citizen population, according to a press release.

The most common injury among seniors is falls, commonly happening outside of the home and impacting 1 in 3 senior citizens. Amulyte seeks to cut down on the response time. With a U.S. senior citizen population of 40 million set to double in 2050, the startup said it sees a potential opening for the product.