Abyrx gets an FDA green light for its absorbable bone putty

June 19, 2013 by Sony Salzman

Abyrx wins an FDA nod for its absorbable hemostatic bone putty used to stop hemorrhaging.

Abyrx gets FDA green light for bone putty

Newly formed medical device company Abyrx added a 3rd putty product to its list of FDA 510(k) clearances. Its Absorbable Hemostatic Bone Putty (AHBP) is a mechanical tamponade (bleeding control) material.

Founded in April, Abyrx was formed from the acquisition of assets from Orthocon and DRG. The Irvington, N.Y.-based company plans to expand its line of hemostasis products, according to a press release.

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"Our technical team evaluated dozens of subtle chemical and processing variables to specifically meet the surgical performance requirements of AHBP," said CMO Dr. Richard Kronenthal in prepared remarks.

"Indeed, we continue to enjoy the challenge of further innovation by drawing on this new technology platform and our knowledge of the surgeon's important needs," Kronenthal said.