Abbott accuses Boston Scientific of poaching stent sales VP, reps

March 15, 2013 by Brad Perriello

Abbott accuses Boston Scientific of poaching 1 of its stent sales vice presidents and 3 sales reps in an ongoing campaign aimed at "crushing" Abbott's stent operation.

Stent Wars

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) accused Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX) of poaching a former sales vice president and allegedly running a campaign to lure Abbott stent reps to its arch-rival, claiming that the former VP vowed to "kick Abbott's ass" and "crush Abbott."

Samuel Conaway was Abbott's VP of coronary and endovascular U.S. sales until January, when he jumped ship for Boston Scientific, according to a lawsuit filed March 13 in the U.S. District Court for Northern Georgia. As part of his separation agreement with Abbott, Conaway signed a non-compete agreement that he and BSX then broke, according to the lawsuit.

"Within days of Conaway's departure, at least a half dozen Abbott sales representatives about whom Conaway had acquired knowledge while at Abbott were solicited to join Boston Scientific by either Boston Scientific or Conaway," according to court documents. "In addition to the foregoing unsuccessful solicitation attempts, Boston Scientific and Conaway, acting in concert and in violation of Conaway's nonsolicitation obligations, have successfully recruited away three Abbott territory managers, James Watkins, Jamal Lewis and Chad Olberding."

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