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June 30, 2009 by MassDevice staff

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07/23/2013 by Brad Perriello talks with the co-founder and CEO of the largest private spine company, K2M's Eric Major, about the medical device company's technology to treat complex conditions of the spine. Q&A: K2M co-founder & CEO Eric Major

Revenues in the spine industry have been flat for several years now, with the largest players in the space reporting declines or low-single-digit growth.

Earlier this year...

07/22/2013 by Brad Perriello

T2 Biosystems CEO John McDonough tells why the medical device company's MRI-based diagnostics tool could revolutionize diagnostics and save millions of lives in the process.

T2 Biosystems CEO John McDonough

When last spoke with T2 Biosystems CEO John McDonough, in August 2009, the 22-worker firm was still developing a novel use for MRI technology – diagnostics.

T2's device uses magnetic resonance to identify pathogens in just about any kind of sample, eliminating the need for time-consuming blood culture work.

Nearly 4 years later, after a move from Cambridge, Mass., to...

07/16/2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Glooko CEO Rick Altinger tells that the future of chronic disease management depends on patient engagement, smarter mobile technologies and industry partnerships.

Glooko's diabetes management system

Silicon Valley mHealth company Glooko is rocketing forward in the mobile diabetes management space since its inception less than 3 years ago, boasting multiple FDA clearances, wide-ranging industry partnerships and a growing base of patient users and healthcare provider subscribers.

Just last month,...

06/27/2013 by Brian Johnson

Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak speaks with publisher Brian Johnson about an evolving global medical device landscape, the shifting values of consumers and why he’s not too worried about fighting the medical device tax.

An Evening With Omar Ishrak

Since taking over 2 year ago, Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) CEO Omar Ishrak has become something akin to the medical device industry version of American...

06/27/2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Legal analyst Kristian Werling updates on the 2.3% medical device tax, detailing provisions that are still catching the industry off-guard and explaining why price increases aren't as easy as they sound. coverage of the medical device tax, with analyst Kristian Werling

The 2.3% medical device tax has been in effect for about half a year now, meaning some of the myths about the levy are being slowly stripped away.

As it turns out, the retail exemption contained in the IRS codes, protecting over-the-counter...

06/03/2013 by Brian Johnson

Allergan CEO David Pyott talks Botox, medical devices and the aesthetics industry in this podcast, recorded at the MassDevice Big 100 West.

Allergan (NYSE:AGN) CEO David Pyott likes to describe himself as a "mountaineer," a "born marketer," and a bit of a masochist, but there's 1 thing the man undoubtedly is: A great interview.

In this podcast, the 2nd of several we'll be releasing as we...

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