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June 30, 2009 by MassDevice staff

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06/27/2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Legal analyst Kristian Werling updates on the 2.3% medical device tax, detailing provisions that are still catching the industry off-guard and explaining why price increases aren't as easy as they sound. coverage of the medical device tax, with analyst Kristian Werling

The 2.3% medical device tax has been in effect for about half a year now, meaning some of the myths about the levy are being slowly stripped away.

As it turns out, the retail exemption contained in the IRS codes, protecting over-the-counter...

06/03/2013 by Brian Johnson

Allergan CEO David Pyott talks Botox, medical devices and the aesthetics industry in this podcast, recorded at the MassDevice Big 100 West.

Allergan (NYSE:AGN) CEO David Pyott likes to describe himself as a "mountaineer," a "born marketer," and a bit of a masochist, but there's 1 thing the man undoubtedly is: A great interview.

In this podcast, the 2nd of several we'll be releasing as we...

05/27/2013 by Brian Johnson

Three months before he took the reins at Boston Scientific, Mike Mahoney told MassDevice his thoughts on how he looked to turnaround the medical device giant in this podcast from the MassDevice Big 100 East

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Maybe the only mistake Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX) made when they hired Michael Mahoney as CEO was waiting so long to do it.

After spending much of the last half...

05/02/2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

Sanovas' new MicroCam plug-and-play endoscopic imaging system paves the way for a paradigm shift toward linear medical devices for natural orifice surgery, CEO Larry Gerrans tells

Sanovas CEO Larry Gerrans and the MicroCam technology

In talking about his company's newly launched MicroCam laparoscopic imaging platform, Sanovas CEO Larry Gerrans tells a story of innovation and, perhaps more importantly, of evolution.

In an interview with, Gerrans described the "plug-&-play...

04/23/2013 by Arezu Sarvestani

A quartet of healthcare giants including UnitedHealth, the largest single health insurer in the U.S., joins forces for the SharedClarity project, aiming to leverage their combined Big Data to get the best devices for the best prices.

There's a vast trove of potentially valuable data salted throughout the U.S. healthcare system, but as yet nobody's figured out how to connect the data...

04/22/2013 by Brian Johnson

MassDevice talks disruptive business models in the medical device and hospital world with Novation executive and aptitude vice president Troy Kirchenbauer

Two years ago, Troy Kirchenbauer got an opportunity most employees would shy away from – the chance to put his company out of business.

The former Novation executive and current general manager of Aptitude LLC, a new web portal spunout of the Irving, TX.-based group purchasing organization, was tasked with leading a team with the mission of tearing apart not only Novation's business model, but the method by which hospitals buy billions of dollars of medical equipment...

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