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June 30, 2009 by MassDevice staff

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07/30/2013 by Brad Perriello

James Mazzo, the former head of Abbott Medical Optics, tells about his decision to become Versant Ventures' 1st operating partner. Q&A: James Mazzo on his move to Versant Ventures

James Mazzo has put 35 years into the optics and ophthalmology business, so it was no surprise that he got involved with AcuFocus and its device for treating presbyopia. Mazzo, who stepped down from leading Abbott Medical Optics earlier this year, added another title to his resume that's more of a departure: He's the 1st "operating partner" at Versant...

07/29/2013 by Brian Johnson

In this podcast, former Kinetic Concepts CEO Catherine Burzik takes inside the corner office during the $6.1 billion private equity buyout of KCI by Apax Partners and a pair of Canadian pension funds.

Big 100 East 2013 Women in the Corner Office

Photograph by Carolyn Bick

The 2011 marriage between Kinetic Concepts Inc., Apax Partners and a pair of Canadian pension funds wasn't your typical merger.

Then again, there wasn't much about the $6.1 billion go-private deal, the largest leveraged buyout since the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008, that could be described as typical. From an unsolicited offer to the cloak-and-...

07/26/2013 by Brad Perriello

Dr. Wilson Constantine, president & CEO of Monarch Medical, on his path to the corner office of a spinout company and his plans for the diabetes market. Q&A: Monarch Medical CEO Dr. Wilson Constantine

Monarch Medical's mission is to transform how hospitals and caregivers handle "drugs of concern," or compounds that, when mismanaged, can lead to injuries or even death – the aptly named "never events" that ought to be anathema to healthcare.

Formed from the EndoTool division of...

07/24/2013 by Sony Salzman

Life science companies are counting down to August 1, when new federal Sunshine rules go live. sits down with compliance attorney Jennifer Geetter to talk about the biggest challenges facing companies during the final countdown, and what the industry can expect from regulators in the future.

Jennifer Geettner on the Sunshine Act

With 7 days until the federal Sunshine rules kick in, companies are hammering out the final details of their physician payment reporting strategies, but they'd do well to look beyond the August 1 deadline.

Beyond mere compliance with regulation, companies need to consider how they'll handle public...

07/23/2013 by Brad Perriello talks with the co-founder and CEO of the largest private spine company, K2M's Eric Major, about the medical device company's technology to treat complex conditions of the spine. Q&A: K2M co-founder & CEO Eric Major

Revenues in the spine industry have been flat for several years now, with the largest players in the space reporting declines or low-single-digit growth.

Earlier this year...

07/22/2013 by Brad Perriello

T2 Biosystems CEO John McDonough tells why the medical device company's MRI-based diagnostics tool could revolutionize diagnostics and save millions of lives in the process.

T2 Biosystems CEO John McDonough

When last spoke with T2 Biosystems CEO John McDonough, in August 2009, the 22-worker firm was still developing a novel use for MRI technology – diagnostics.

T2's device uses magnetic resonance to identify pathogens in just about any kind of sample, eliminating the need for time-consuming blood culture work.

Nearly 4 years later, after a move from Cambridge, Mass., to...

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