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June 30, 2009 by MassDevice staff

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01/31/2011 by Brian Johnson

The use of data, algorithms and social networks has changed the way we consume pop culture. Can it also change the way we innovate?

Mining the innovation gap

There's a lot of loot sitting on the med-tech sidelines these days. According to research by, the top five medical device companies are sitting on a combined $17 billion in free cash.

With all that money to burn, you'd think that the med-tech mergers & acquisitions market would be a busy place. But aside from a few blockbuster deals and some lower-value transactions, medical device M&A activity is in a slump.

But there are also a slew of med-tech start-ups slavering for a taste of all that cash, hoping to land a corporate sponsor who will shepherd them through the development phase and buy...

01/12/2011 by Brian Johnson

After a stellar 2010, Michael Mussallem, CEO of Edwards Lifesciences Corp., is feeling bullish on transcatheter heart valves and the future of the Irvine, Calif.-based cardiac device maker.

MassDevice Podcast: Edwards Lifesciences CEO Michael Mussallem

You could forgive Michael Mussallem if he didn't want to bid farewell to 2010.

While the rest of us were still trying to pull our heads out of the lingering effects of the so-called "Great Recession," the 57-year-old chief executive of Edwards LifeSciences Corp. (NYSE:EW) was busy watching his company clean up on Wall Street and set itself up for a sweet run this year.

The Irvine, Calif.-based cardiac device maker doubled its stock price during the last year of the decade, closing at around $80 per share; it doubled sales of its Sapien transcatheter heart...

12/09/2010 by Christian Holland

Retina Implant AG's sub-retinal implant — a microchip inserted into the eye to restore vision — is currently undergoing a second clinical trial with commercialization in Europe as close as a year off.

MassDevice Podcast: Retina Implant CEO Walter Wrobel

Restoring vision to the blind is the sort of feat reserved for ancient religious texts and modern science fiction novels. But a company in Germany did just that with an eye implant.

Retina Implant AG is in the process of developing a sub-Retina Implant, designed to be inserted into the eye to treat back-of-the-eye disorders. A first clinical trial showed that the device can enable people suffering from a certain type of macular degeneration to see. The patients had retinitus pigmentosa, an inherited and incurable degenerative condition that causes tunnel vision and often, eventually, complete blindness. Retina Implant estimates that...

11/22/2010 by Christian Holland

MassDevice speaks with GE Healthcare's eHealth vice president Earl Jones on how information transparency might help control the healthcare costs, improve outcomes and dishes on the politics of healthcare IT.

MassDevice Podcast: GE Healthcare's Earl Jones

The term "liberated information" may sound like it was taken from a science fiction novel, but to General Electric's (NYSE:GE) Earl Jones, it's a means to improve access and quality to healthcare while at the same time making it cheaper. Jones is the vice president and general manager of the eHealth division of GE Healthcare, overseeing the development of information technology platforms that customers ranging from small doctors' offices to state governments are implementing into their everyday operations....

11/11/2010 by Brian Johnson

Dr. Thomas Fogarty, the founder of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation, discusses the investment climate for medical innovation, venture capital and explains why his passion for winemaking is actually an extension of his medical career.

MassDevice Podcast: Medical device legend Dr. Tom Fogarty

The man Stanford University once dubbed "The Mickey Mantle of medical device inventors" still has his swing, or at least his sway in the industry, judging by the reaction Dr. Thomas Fogarty received in Boston recently at a round-table discussion of medical device innovation.

Fogarty is a renowned cardiologist and serial inventor with more than 100 surgical patents to his name, including the Fogarty balloon catheter, his first and best-known contribution. In Boston, the 76-year-old could barely find time to break away from well-wishers...

11/02/2010 by Brian Johnson

William Hawkins, chairman and CEO of Medtronic Inc., dishes on mergers and acquisitions, the Food & Drug Administration and healthcare reform.

MassDevice Podcast: Medtronic CEO William Hawkins

For William Hawkins, Medtronic Inc. (NYSE:MDT) runs in the family.

Inside his corner office at the Fridley, Minn.-based medical device goliath, Hawkins, chairman and CEO of one of the world's largest medical device companies, keeps a picture of two customers he says not only shaped how he sees his company but how he sees the world.

One is Hawkins' father, who has had multiple Medtronic stents implanted. The the other is of his late uncle, a World War II veteran and Parkinson's disease sufferer who underwent deep brain stimulation therapy at the age of 87. It...

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