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June 30, 2009 by MassDevice staff

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07/09/2010 by Christian Holland

Abiomed president and CEO Michael Minogue on his company's Impella heart pump and its prospects for gaining a larger share of the cardiac assist market.

MassDevice Q&A: Abiomed CEO Michael Minogue

Abiomed Inc. (NSDQ:ABMD) makes cardiac assist devices powerful enough to pump more than a gallon of blood through the heart each minute and small enough to be placed inside the heart via catheter. It's a highly specialized, highly competitive market that's difficult to break into.

At an investors meeting in Boston last week, the company sought to deliver the message that its devices offer a less invasive option than ventricular assist devices and don't need to be combined with inotropic drugs as is often the case with intra-aortic balloon pumps. It's been two years since Abiomed won 510(k) clearance from the Food & Drug...

06/30/2010 by Christian Holland

MassDevice talks to LifeImage president and CEO Hamid Tabatabaie about his company's e-sharing application for medical imaging.

MassDevice Q&A: LifeImage CEO Hamid Tabatabaie

If you’ve ever had a CT scan, X-ray or MRI, you were likely given a CD to tote around in case you wanted a second opinion. That’s because there isn’t a universal network or database for medical image files, even in an industry that demands standardization.

Hamid Tabatabaie and Amy Vreeland founded a company that aspires to solve this problem, which has existed ever since the first X-ray was digitized. Their company, LifeImage, lets patients, physicians and institutions search, share and access medical imaging records across different networks. LifeImage, which works with storage giant EMC (NYSE:EMC) for its cloud-...

06/10/2010 by Brad Perriello

Boston Scientific Corp. co-founder John Abele, in the second installment of a lengthy interview, on the early days with Peter Nicholas, his take on demands for increased transparency and his frustration with some of the company's recent low points.

MassDevice Q&A: John Abele, Part II

Boston Scientific Corp. (NYSE:BSX) co-founder John Abele told us about the origins of the medical device giant in the first installment of a lengthy chat with MassDevice, detailing its start in the basement of a famed Czech mystic's lab in a Catholic church rectory.

In the second installment, Abele touches on how he and co-founder Peter Nicholas engineered the Boston Scientific's launch, how his involvement with the Natick, Mass.-based company evolved over the years and how being a "cheap son of a bitch" helped drive creativity and innovation in the early days.

Abele also gave us his take on the...

06/09/2010 by Brad Perriello

Boston Scientific Corp. co-founder John Abele, in the first installment of a lengthy interview, on the company's origins in the basement of a church rectory, its connection to a famous Czech mystic and how it overcame doctors' early skepticism about its catheter-based technology.

MassDevice Q&A: Boston Scientific co-founder John Abele

There aren't many multi-billion-dollar companies that can say they got their start in the basement of a Catholic church rectory. Still fewer can claim a connection to a famous Czech mystic credited with pioneering research into human consciousness (and, not incidentally, with inventing the steerable catheter).

But according to co-founder John Abele, Boston Scientific Corp. (NYSE:BSX) can. The Natick, Mass.-based medical device maker got its start with the steerable catheter invented by Itzhak Bentov, leveraging the platform into a family of catheter-based products that changed the way medicine is practiced.

In a lengthy interview...

06/09/2010 by Christian Holland

Practice Fusion's founder and CEO on the electronic medical record provider's free, advertising-based EMR offering.

MassDevice Q&A: Practice Fusion founder and CEO Ryan Howard

To raise the seed money for Practice Fusion, founder Ryan Howard sold his house and car.

"I was really going all in," the 34-year-old CEO told MassDevice.

Howard might have made a smart bet. According to Practice Fusion, the company has the fastest-growing user base of any electronic medical record company in the country, at 40,000 members. Its offering is free for physicians, using a largely advertising-based business model.

Forty-thousand doctors is a large and desirable audience, if you're a pharmaceutical company or medical device maker trying to target its advertising. That's why the company grew...

06/01/2010 by Christian Holland

MassDevice talks to OmniGuide's Yoel Fink and Yair Schindel about their company’s business development strategy.

MassDevice Q&A: OmniGuide's Yoel Fink and Yair Schindel

When Yoel Fink began his groundbreaking work with mirrors at MIT in the late 1990’s, he didn't know he would be creating a material that would be used to carry lasers into areas as hard to reach as the inner ear or brain. He was working on a problem that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the research and development arm of the U.S. military, wanted solved. For reasons still unknown to Fink, DARPA wanted large-area, low-cost surfaces more reflective than a mirror that could reflect light from all angles. Eventually, his work led to a PhD thesis and OmniGuide, the company where he is currently chairman. OmniGuide, which...

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