What makes a successful physician inventor?

February 1, 2013 by MassDevice

The medtech industry is built on creative physicians who think outside the box. InnoSpine founder and Stanford University associate professor of orthopedic surgery Dr. Todd Alamin offers his take on what it takes to be a successful physician inventor.

Todd Alamain

By Richard Andrew Rink, MD

This article is an excerpt from a blog post originally published on biodesignalumni.com

Given their understanding of disease and pathophysiology, innovative physicians have been the source for many of the major technology advancements throughout the history of medicine. Although commercializing medical technologies today has become more complex than ever, physicians still play a vital role in conceiving new products and getting them to patients.

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Todd Alamin, MD, an Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University and serial medical device entrepreneur (founder of InnoSpine, acquired by Kyphon; and Simpirica), recently sat down with the Biodesign Alumni group to discuss his experiences being involved in both clinical practice and medical device entrepreneurship.

From a deep personal history of combining medtech innovation and clinical practice specializing in spine surgery, Todd was able to provide insights into what makes for a successful physician-innovator.

Richard Andrew (Andy) Rink, MD is the 2012-2014 Biodesign Surgical Innovation Fellow at Stanford Biodesign, and will complete his General Surgery Residency at Northwestern University in 2016.