Taris Biomedical's drug-device combo

October 2, 2009 by MassDevice

The Lexington, Mass.-based firm aims to deliver medicine directly to the bladder.

Taris Biomedical's drub-device combo

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Taris Biomedical Inc., Lexington, Mass.

Taris Biomedical's drug-device combination delivers lidocaine directly into the bladder.

Christine Bunt, Founder and COO
Dennis A. Ausiello, Kevin Bitterman, Christine Bunt, Michael Cima (Co-founder), Michael Greeley, Ed Kania, Robert Langer, Ernest Mario

TARIS has developed a lidocaine-releasing intravesical system (LiRIS) that supplies a sustained release of lidocaine directly into the bladder. Lidocaine has been shown in scientific literature and clinical practice, to decrease symptoms associated with bladder diseases, such as bladder pain and urgency when instilled directly into the bladder. TARIS expects to begin IC/PBS clinical studies in late 2009.

IC/PBS is a bladder disease associated with significant pain and disability, as well as urinary urgency and/or frequency, New therapeutic options for IC/PBS are desperately needed. Over four million people in the U.S. alone suffer from IC/PBS, for which only two medications are approved, both associated with significant efficacy limitations.