Profound Medical's prostate cancer treatment

October 2, 2009 by MassDevice

The Toronto-based firm is developing an MRI-guided ultrasound device to treat prostate cancer.

Profound Medical's prostate cancer treatment

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Profound Medical Inc., Toronto, Ont.

Profound Medical is developing an interventional, MRI-guided, trans-urethral ultrasound device to treat prostate cancer.

Paul Chipperton, COO/CEO
Cameron Mahon, VP of Engineering & Product Development
Clinical Advisory Board
Laurence Klotz, Mukesh Harisinghani, Eric Klein, Michael Marberger

There are major quality-of-life issues with all existing treatments for prostate cancer, with unacceptable levels of postoperative impotence and incontinence. Profound’s interventional MRI-guided, trans-urethral ultrasound medical device provides the least invasive treatment, in the shortest possible time, as an out-patient procedure, offering incomparable accuracy and precision.

Further, the precision of this device offers surgeons and patients unparalleled treatment planning options, ranging from a whole prostate down to a small focal region. This accuracy of treatment is critically important for sparing structures related to potency, and the continence of the urethra and rectum.