Looking back on a pretty sedate ACC

March 18, 2013 by MassDevice

A review of the actionable news that came out of last week's American College of Cardiology conference in San Francisco, including mixed feelings about Boston Scientific's Watchman stroke prevention device and incremental findings for renal denervation.

American College of Cardiology conference logo

By Stephen Simpson

Sometimes the major annual medical meetings are jam-packed with significant and market-moving data. And then sometimes they're like this year's American College of Cardiology conference, with relatively limited useful data from an investing perspective.

While there was some incremental data relating to significant emerging growth markets like transcatheter valve replacement and renal denervation, the most significant data concerns one of the more uncertain market opportunities – left atrial appendage occlusion/closure.

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Boston Scientific – Nobody Got To Watch The Watchman
Those who have followed med-tech for a long time will likely understand what I mean when I say it just feels like nothing ever goes easy to or quite to plan when it comes to Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX).

While analysts and investors were looking forward to what should have been a routine (albeit significant) data presentation on the PREVAIL study of the Watchman LAA closure device, that didn't happen.

Boston Scientific dithered on precisely what they were going to present and ultimately released a preview of the data only hours before the scheduled presentation – which put the ACC into a snit and led to them canceling the presentation altogether for violating the data embargo.