Asian regulatory update: Indian medical device manufacturers push for changes

May 28, 2010 by Ames Gross

Asian regulatory update: Indian medical device manufacturers push for changes

Indian medical device manufacturers push for changes

A group of Indian medical device manufacturers is lobbying for changes in the current duty structure on medical devices, currency stability, cheaper credit for exporters and greater representation of their interests in a medical export council.

Pacific Bridge logoThe All India Medical Devices Industry wrote a letter to the commerce and industry minister of India in February 2010 proposing that either the Pharmexcil (an organization representing pharmaceutical exporters) broaden its scope to include the interests of the medical device industry, or a new Medical Export Promotion Council be established.

Local medical device manufacturers also recommended that medical devices across all Indian states be subject to a standardized value-added tax. This uniform tax could decrease market distortions, because each state has a different VAT that are currently present in the medical device industry in India. In addition, they urged the government to stabilize the currency. Since the medical device industry in India is centered on exports, the local manufacturers are often vulnerable to currency fluctuations that inhibit their ability to engage in long-term contracts.

Furthermore, the medical device manufacturers suggest that the government offer cheaper credit for exporters, which would allow them to become more competitive in the industry. Lastly, the medical device manufacturers are lobbying for reform in the current duty system that appears to favor imports.

China SFDA hosts meeting of U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade

The U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade's Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Subgroup meeting took place April 13 in Chengdu, China. The Director General of the Dept. of Medical Devices in the SFDA, Wang Baoting, presented on the SFDA's efforts to finalize "The Supervision and Administration Measure of Medical Devices." This measure outlines the responsibilities of various medical device regulation agencies and is slated to be published later this year.

Wang stated that a Center of the Medical Device Standards Administration will be established. This Center will research standards systems, focus on device classification, and supervise standardization committees.